Low Voltage Wiring Services

Our experienced, licensed construction and maintenance electricians can wire your home or commercial building for all electrical needs, from conference room setup to phone network wiring, all at an unbeatable quality and cost-effectiveness. We have a highly educated network of professionals to help you with the wiring and set up of your network, phone, cable and security systems.

Phone/Network Wiring

Whether wiring for traditional landlines or VOIP phone systems, cable or fiber optic networks, Max Electric can help. Our team of certified technicians can setup your phone and network systems to eliminate any possible connection issues, so your phone and network will keep you connected.

Surveillance Wiring

Surveillance systems involving wiring the power line, installing the cameras, setting up the DVR, and testing monitoring for usability and blind spots. Sound complicated? Max Electric’s technicians can handle the entire surveillance system setup and testing, for minimum complications and maximum peace of mind.

Intercom Wiring

Intercom systems can be complex to set up. Max Electric’s team of electricians, communication technicians will ensure your intercom system is properly wired, installed, and set up for use.

Security Wiring

Our experienced, licensed Construction and maintenance electricians wire your smart-house in a quick and cost effective manner. And also our highly educated network proffessionals to help you wiring, seting up your network, phone, cable, and security systems. Your One stop wiring contractor and save.

Public Address/PA System Wiring

PA systems are useful for conferences, meeting halls, schools, and more. Max Electric can wire and install your PA system, connect it to your phone system, and also complete testing, for hassle-free public address systems.

Access Control Wiring

A necessity in any building with a large number of staff, each with different access controls, an access control system can securely control information and facility access. Max Electric can wire and install access control systems with varying levels of access permissions.

Conference Room Setup

A modern conference may have a number of presentation and multimedia tools, including televisions, phone and network systems, computers, projection systems, audio speaker systems, and more. Max Electric can help your office or home install a professional, functional, and convenient conference room.

Home Theater Installation

Max Electric’s licensed electricians can help you wire and install the media players, amplifiers, microphones, and speakers needed for a home theater system. Sit back, relax, and let Max Electric handle the installations for a stress-free home theater.

Multi-room Audio Systems

Max Electric’s licensed electricians can wire, install, set up, and test your audio system’s media player, amplifier, and speakers, for crisp, clear sound throughout all installed rooms.

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At Max Electric & Fire Protection Ltd, we are proud of our professionalism and commitment to quality, as well as our attention to time and budget requirements. Our goal is to lower your costs while maintaining top quality service. For quote inquiries, please contact:

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